“To win the rat race, you have to think and behave like a cat.” ― Manoj Vaz.

Willem de Kleijne

As a product owner, Willem is responsible for creating a product vision and inspiring the development team to turn it into a reality. He strives to keep all stakeholders jocund by selecting paramount business opportunities within the limits set by technology and time.


General introduction

Willem’s eclectic experience includes stints as an IT-consultant at Capgemini and being part of a scrum team at Quby, working on domotica software. Before becoming a Studyportals Super Hero, Willem was tasked with reviewing the strategy for digitalization of government services at the Ministry of the Interior. He’s basically a geek with experience as a policy wonk and stakeholdermanager. With a master’s degree in Political History, he is keen on sharing the Studyportals story with the world.


Key Challenge

One of the core duties of every product owner is setting the most demiurgic product vision imaginable. Willem’s key challenge is to craft this tableau in a way that it maximizes product functionality while keeping all parties involved satisfied.

Favorite SP experience

Partycrashing the SP Christmas event with Carmen, thus landing this job. This night embodies one of our core values: Serious about partying!