Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass… It is about learning to dance in the rain

Velichka Georgieva

Job summary/responsibilities

Velichka is part of the People&Culture department of Studyportals and she will support the recruitment and join promotion activities of the department. She will be responsible for candidate interaction and updates, later involved in the interviewing and selection process as well. She will keep the agenda of the department structured, supporting my colleagues with reserving meeting location or rescheduling double bookings. She will also be involved in Social Media promotion of our vacancies, researching for attractive content and topics to be shared on Studyportals’ pages.

General Introduction/background

She is born and raised in Bulgaria where she graduated from a French Language high school. She relocated to The Netherlands in the summer of 2015 to follow a degree in International Business here in Eindhoven. During her study she went on an Erasmus exchange in Pamplona, Spain, where she took different courses and once again faced the experience of living in a foreign environment. She is currently in her last year before graduation and in several months, she will hopefully be a certificated bachelor. Alongside university, she has been teaching dance and acrobatic yoga classes in the local student sports center as she enjoys giving her energy to people and leading them into new experiences.

Key Challenge

Her key challenge is to conduct a successful graduation project, which will take a rather extraordinary direction than the regular thesis reports. She will focus on the operational aspect by organizing something special and different for the team of Studyportals. The project is inspiring and she would like it to appear as such to the audience as well

Personal Goal

Her personal goal is to present herself in a good light and to succeed with supporting her department in the activities necessary by providing Studyportals great insights and valuable experience through her graduation project. She can say that one goal has already been fulfilled as she has aspired an internship position in Studyportals for about one year and a half. Having landed a valuable position like this is a personal objective already met and she is full of energy to fulfill her current goals as well.

She is enthusiastic about interviewing candidates and getting to know different personality and working profiles. It fascinates her how diverse people can be and how everyone requires a different approach in order to be productive. This is partially the topic and purpose of her graduation assignment as well. She likes writing too. Maintaining a company blog page or creating social media content will be tasks she will gladly perform.