Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Albert Einstein


Toon Van Craenendonck

Toon is the StudyPortals product guy! As a user-centered design enthusiast, he always aims to put the user in the center of every product and design decision. Toon is responsible for making sure we make the right things right. First, his Product Innovation Team identifies the new product solutions that can have high potential. After that, they aim to build them in the right way. This includes iterative and data drive product development and evaluating solutions with users constantly.

Toon obtained his Master´s degree in Industrial Design at the University College of Antwerp. After that, he decided to study at the Eindhoven University of Technology where he obtained a PDEng degree in User System Interaction.

After graduating, Toon started his professional career at Philips Consumer Lifestyle as a UX designer for Smart TV. After working almost 4 years in the TV domain, he joined the StudyPortals team as the first full-time UX person. Over years at StudyPortals, Toon became the first Director of Product.

Personal Goal

As a student, Toon was participating in the Erasmus Exchange program. This gave him a chance to study for a semester at the Bauhaus University in Weimer, Germany. Since this was one of his greatest study experiences, he wants to encourage as many students as possible to take the chance studying abroad. StudyPortals is the perfect way to start this adventure!