“Always look on the bright side of life”- Monty Python

Thuy Dao

Thuy is responsible for the development and nurturing of new products. She joined Study Portals in March 2016 and wishes to develop great products that can help students achieve their dreams.

General introduction

Thuy left her home in Vietnam in 2009 to pursue a BBA degree in Lahti, Finland, and afterwards a MSc in Management in Mannheim, Germany. She also lived in France, South Korea and now has decided to settle down in Netherlands. She loves the international life she was able to experience and would like to give others the chance to do the same, especially ones from less-advantaged backgrounds.

Personal goal

Explore, explore and explore new places!

How to make a great product that will bring real values to students? This is a question that keeps me awake at night (caffeine does, too). Every single tiny thing that we build for our products must be useful to the users! Thankfully, I have really great colleagues and I believe that we will overcome any challenge together!