Thomas Grisel

General introduction

My name is Thomas Grisel. I am an intern in the Community & Intelligence department in Eindhoven. I am investigating the CRM system and the entire workflow of Lead Generation and Nurturing. Currently I am working on completing (graduate internship) my degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Zuyd Hogeschool (University of Applied Sciences). At age 4 I left the Netherlands (my country of birth) to live abroad. I lived in Singapore (twice), in Japan, and in Ukraine. When I was 18 I returned to the Netherlands to live, study, and party in Maastricht. I recently moved to the charming city of Tilburg where I plan to spend the coming year and a half completing my education.

Key challenge

To quickly gain a strategic overview of the CRM and the Lead Processes within StudyPortals so that I can learn the current situation and envision potential improvements. This means that I will try to get to know everyone involved in these processes and hopefully help in making their lives a little bit less complicated.  

Favourite StudyPortals element

The team and the way people interact with one another. This is a far cry from how people interacted in my previous work experiences and I am definitely a fan of the StudyPortals way! It also doesn’t hurt that the new office is an awesome place to be. In my free time I like nothing more than delving into the imagination of others through games or films and tv-shows.