“Design is that thin layer that connects complexity to meaning” – Alex Castellarnau

Theodora Kyrgia

Job summary/responsibilities

I believe that understanding your users and acknowledging their needs and frustrations is the key to improving functionality, ease of use, and enjoyment. As a UX Designer at StudyPortals, my goal is to observe, listen, and empathize with the users, to make sure their insights are put forth with intention and purpose.

General introduction/background

I am a passionate interaction designer, fascinated by the possibility of positively affecting people’s daily life with my work. After graduating from Architecture and Industrial Design, the ever-present need to search for the “reason behind things” and the value of usability convinced me to continue designing for the user experience. Having a multidisciplinary background helps me approach and solve problems from many perspectives during the human-centered design process. My work focuses on synthesizing and developing designs that have personal and emotional values, through research, prototyping, and evaluation.

I enjoy collaborating with people from different backgrounds, as this mix of opinions is what usually brings really innovative outcomes. What I bring to the table as a team member are strong communication skills, analytical thinking, creative problem solving, and the ability to inspire the team to perform at their best capacity.

Key challenge

In a fast-growing company like StudyPortals, it can be difficult to balance the needs of internal and external stakeholders. My key challenge is to ensure the user’s voice is heard, through designs that still depict the StudyPortals brand, identity, and needs.

Favourite activities

I love to dance and create things using different materials and techniques (DIY).