‘’Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.’’
– Joshua J. Marine

Stefan Nenov

Job summary/responsibilities

I am assisting in email marketing and operational duties as a part of the Community and Intelligence Team. Responsible for creating, optimizing and organizing email campaigns. Performing and analysing A/B tests that lead to insights that can be used to gradually improve performance.

General introduction/background

I lived, studied and worked in several European countries before moving to the Netherlands to pursue a university education in International Business Management. Several years of working experience in the hospitality, financial services and client support sectors.

During that time, I had the privilege to meet some remarkable people and from there I developed an interest in the field of business, communication and education. I strongly believe that determination, effort and utilising your natural talents can allow you to achieve your goals and hopefully even inspire others.

Key challenge

To grow and develop myself constantly as a professional to do work in which I find inspiration and meaning. To do this via engaging and assisting students which are on the road that I myself walked and still walk on. Because one of the most challenging and rewarding thing in life is to constantly learn.

Favourite StudyPortals element/experience

 The positive culture of the company that encourages and supports self-development, personal growth being one of its fundamental core values. Because individuals that are able to improve and grow can inspire and spark the people around them.