“Life is made of small moments like these” – Above & Beyond

Stanley Clark

Job Summary

Stanley joined the Studyportals team in November 2015, working as a front-end web developer, to help to create and improve upon the experience offered on our portals. All while using the best technology to make sure everyone on all devices can view our website in a clean way.

General Introduction/Background

Stanley decided to leave the UK at the age of 18 in order to gain experience studying abroad and integrating into a new dynamic and culture; he’s never looked back since! He chose for the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, with a focus on the Web aspect of the discipline. Here he learned that his heart’s passion was to improve everyone’s experience on the web as much as possible.

Key Challenge

During the time of studying Computer Science at University, Stanley realised that he yearned to be able to create and envision what users see on the page. At Studyportals the opportunity to be closely involved with designers is fantastic and Stanley aspires to grow in the field of design and sees this as a clear direction to aim towards.

Favourite Studyportals Element

Stanley found his degree in the Netherlands via Studyportals and now it’s fantastic for him to be able to help people just like himself to find their dream study programme abroad. This means he’s happy doing something that really benefits people in a direct way.

Favourite Activities

Stanley is a massive gaming fan and enjoys RPGs which he never finishes. He is also a fan of tasting a variety of champagnes, seeing as how this is his favourite drink, thus the goal is to try as many as possible!