“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

Sarah Troska

Job summary/responsibility

My contribution to StudyPortals lies in supporting the Intelligence team with online and offline campaign promotion through various channels and media, content distribution to key audiences, various public relations activities, and event management.

General introduction/background

Four years ago, I moved from Germany to the Netherlands to study Communications at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen. During my studies, I did a five months internship at an energy provider in Germany in the cooperate communications department and I lived one semester at the Gold Coast in Australia where I experienced so many new and exciting things. I learned so many interesting things from my fellow students in Arnhem and Australia and I believe, studying abroad is a really valuable experience. Next to working in the Intelligence Team, I am writing my Bachelor Thesis at StudyPortals.

Personal Goal

Learning as much as possible from people with different backgrounds and seeing upcoming challenges as new possibilities.

Favorite activities

I love reading and immersing in the story, being at the beach and do nothing but relax, and skiing in the Alps.