Learning by teaching others

Roy Klaasse Bos

Job Summary / Responsibilities

The formulated research assignment is two-fold: on one the hand I’ll assess internal data validity by comparing it with external data sources, on the other hand I’ll look for meaningful relations between past search behaviour and future study enrolments in the UK. In essence this comes down to providing answers to the following two questions: 1) is our own data sample representative for actual enrolment and 2) can we advise higher education institutes about the profiles of future student enrolments in order to help them reach their target audience more effectively?

General Introduction / Background

Originally from a little village near Amsterdam you have never heard of, three and a half year ago I opted to move to the Lichtstad, smartest city of the world or just “Eindhoven de gekste” for my bachelor studies at the TU/e. Given my entrepreneurial spirit and preference for quantitative methods the brand new premaster in Data Science & Entrepreneurship at JADS in Den Bosch was an obvious follow-up. Last February I finished this program – hosted in a beautiful modern monastery called the Mariënburg – and for the next five months I’ll be joining Studyportal’s Analytics & Consulting Team (ACT) as a Data Analyst Intern while assisting a TU/e freshmen course on Data Analytics on the side. In other words, a golden combination of both theory and practice. From September onwards I’ll continue my educational journey with a (research) master at a yet unknown university. Needless to say, Mastersportal has been and will be an indispensable tool in my further search. Closely working together with superheroes from all over the world to improve this “Google for studies” is simply fantastic of course.

Key Challenge

One of the main challenges in any data role is setting realistic expectations. The common belief is often still “the more data the better” and “big data can solve all your problems”. In the end we
should not forget the bigger picture: it’s not about the data itself, but the value we get out of it.

Personal Goal

Being a life-long learner while giving back by sharing your knowledge and lessons-learned with the public.

Favourite Activities

Interviewing brilliant minds and sharing their stories in written form on The Outlier, meeting entrepreneurial folks at technology and start-up events while having meaningful conversations, seeing my “cluppie” Ajax win and conquer #1 position again (sorry you PSV-fans out there..). Another activity I enjoy doing both in my work and studies is really immersing myself in a highly specific topic and learning as much about it as possible (e.g. data science, product or design – yeah a bit a jack of all trades indeed). Aside from the Studyportals office, you can regularly find me at the TU/e Sport Centre either rotating my feet like crazy as if nothing else exists or fanatically hitting a badly bouncing rubber ball surrounded by three red lined walls.