Rodica Voican

Job summary/responsibilities

Rodica’s main responsibilities are researching and collecting information; updating, inserting and checking universities programmes data to be as correct and up to date as possible.

General introduction/background

Rodica discovered Studyportals and our position of Data Processing, by chance and she liked the idea of a job that combines researching and work in the education area. She knows the struggle that students get through the process of searching a suitable collage for them and she is willing to help. She is passionate about knowledge and has a bachelor degree in social and administrative science and currently she is studying for her masters in anthropology.

Key challenge

To help students all around the world to find information about universities.

Personal Goal

Her personal goal is to grow and gain experience both on my professional an personal level.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

She loves the friendly and welcoming environment at Studyportals; the teams are very willing to help when in need and she feels that she has a lot to learn from them.

Favourite activities

In her free time she also likes to learn and relax, to explore and travel. She likes to travel in order to discover new cultures, cities, places and architecture and take photos, which she is very passionate about. She likes to go to art galleries, conferences about anthropology, culture and architecture. She likes to go on guided tours around her home town Bucharest and sometimes , to watch some movies or TV shows or to go to concerts and festivals.