Piyal Darshana

Job summary/responsibilities

 I joined Studyportals in 2017 as a Senior Software Engineer. I’m responsible to build web pages with the provided UI design and support the scrum team to achieve the sprint goal. Currently I’m supporting for university administration tool to make them more interactive and comply with new design guidelines provided by the UX designer.

 General introduction/background

I started my career in 2005 as a SEO specialist and I worked for several companies to achieve my career goals. I have experience in web designing, web Development in back-end, front-end and search engine optimisations. Before I join Studyportals, my last company was HSBC Global Service Center in Colombo and I worked as a Senior Web Developer for 8 years.

Key challenge

When I join Studyportals, the key challenge was for me to understand how the existing systems work.

Personal Goal

I always want to produce something which is, useful for society I serve and productive for the organisation I worked for.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

I really like the freedom that Studyportals has given to engineers to bring new technology to projects which they work on.