Ovidiu Goaga

Job summary/responsibilities:

Ovidiu has been working for Studyportals since September 2014 as Data Processing Specialist. From 2015 he is the IT and System Administrator for Bucharest office. He can fix almost everything (human beings not included).

General introduction/background

Ovidiu joined the Studyportals team after several internships in electronics and information technology field. He previously built his knowledge in this field by studying electronic circuits and information transmission techniques at Politehnica University and Cisco Academy in Bucharest.

Personal Goal

His personal goal at Studyportals is to contribute to the success of the team, be highly efficient together and still have fun during and after the work hours.

Favorite activities

In his spare time, Ovidiu enjoys spending time with friends, going out (with work colleagues as well), playing sports, listening to a lot of music and going to concerts.