“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination.”-  Carl Rogers

Monica Onutu

Job summary/responsibilities

Monica joined StudyPortals in July 2015 as a Data Processing Specialist. She is responsible for researching and collecting online information and for inserting and updating programmes and university profiles. Also, she has recently been given the opportunity to help with Human Resources related tasks in the recruitment process.

General introduction/background

Monica abandoned her passion for mathematics seven years ago and pursued a humanistic path of education. She has a Bachelor in Psychology and currently attends a Masters in Pshychodiagnosis, Psychotherapy and Personal Development.

Key challenge

Monica’s main challenge is to make sure that she inserts accurate and plentiful information so that students around the world get the most of her work. 

Favourite StudyPortals element/experience

What Monica likes the most about StudyPortals is the welcoming work environment, the opportunities that arise and the fact that everyone’s efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. She couldn’t be more grateful for being part of such a wonderful team.