The secret of happiness is living in accordance with how one thinks. Be yourself and don’t try to impose your criteria on the rest. I don’t expect others to live like me. I want to respect people’s freedom but I defend my freedom.

Jose Mujica


Meltem Oktay

Joined the StudyPortals University Value team in January 2012. Her main responsibility is to support universities worldwide with Google Analytics tracking and online campaign analysis/return on investment calculations while expanding our network of universities in UK and Turkey. She uses statistics from universities and StudyPortals to enable more insight for clients.

Meltem believes in the strength of technology and internet which enables us the transparency and tracking options. Although, she thinks it is important to have the continuous relationship and knowledge between relevant departments in a university to be able to see the full conversions.

She was born to travel as a daughter of an army officer. First time she moved to the Netherlands was in middle school for 3 years and could never guess she would also be working here!

The fact that she loves travelling, being in an international environment, improving her personal skills and having new friends, she became a member of ESTIEM (European Students ofIndustrial Engineering and Management) while studying Industrial Engineering in Istanbul Yildiz Technical University. During her education, she has traveled and studied around Europe which brought her the passion for internationalism.

Key Challenges

Her key challenge is to make sure all universities can track the results of their online investments and see the value of StudyPortals. It is vital to understand the UK Market, both structure and the language (challenge of improving British pronunciation and understanding skills)!

Instead of selling the product to a client, she prefers striking up a friendship with the client and helping them with our product.

Favourite Activities

She has several hobbies including diving, latin dancing, roller blading, playing drums and extreme sports like skydiving. She always had passion for activities that most of the girls wouldn’t be interested in since she always has to feel unique.

Favourite Listed Programme

B.A. (Hons) Computer Animation and Visual Effects – She loves animation movies and dreamed of working for one of these animation companies. She closely follows all the animation movies including behind the scenes and making of.