“40% of what I have done was a mistake. I now call it Research & Development” Jamie Oliver

Max Käller

I am a member of the University Value Team Europe and responsible for the German and Austrian market. It is my responsibility to create and maintain healthy relationships with the different Education institutions and University that are based in Germany and Austria.

General introduction

I am currently finishing my Industrial Engineering bachelor part-time. I am originally from Eindhoven. In the past I worked in Sales, in a Big Data and Data Driven Marketing related business, based out of Nieuwegein and Haarlem.

Key challenge

Everyone has the right to play, some people can compete and only the few have what it takes to win. Being the best in what I can be and use that to help Clients and Colleagues. “All the talent in the world won’t take you anywhere without your Teammates”

Favorite StudyPortals elements

The reason I like working at StudyPortals, is working closely with people from all over the world. In the most international city in the Netherlands!

Favorite activities

I am a big fan of South Africa and I would like to see more of the African continent. In my spare time I enjoy Good Food, Wine and Rugby.