“There are no ordinary moments. There is never nothing going on.”

Dan Millman, way of the peaceful warrior

Martin Kisjes

Job summary/responsibilities

I try to make our clients and students life a little bit easier, convenient and more fun by focussing on their problems and challenges and translate those into services that add real value to them. Our design (decisions) must be formed by our clients / students.

General introduction/background

I was born in Velp, a small town in the eastern side of the Netherlands. After my Bachelor degree in Tourism (NHTV) I detoured myself via online marketing and web development into the ever-fascinating world of UX Design.

Key challenge

Fully understand the clients wishes and the students’ needs in order to create a functional yet beautiful interface which is clear, clean and simple. In that way the user can give its full attention to the message without unnecessary friction.

Personal Goal

Make the world a better place and enjoy while doing so,……