Marianne van den Akker

Marianne is an ambitious UX designer with strong focus on usability testing and representing the user. She has a background in Industrial Design at the TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology) with an design-research internship in Sydney, Australia and a master in Human Technology Interaction at the TU/e with an Erasmus exchange in Trondheim, Norway.

These study chances were very rich experiences for her, in understanding cultures better, opening up, and looking from different perspectives. She also experienced that it made positive changes on a personal level. She now recommends it for every student (to be) to go abroad! That’s why working at Studyportals helps her to add a relevant value in this.

Key Challenge

She as an urge to make things understandable, easy and useful for users and people in general, preferably in a visual way. Therefore her key challenge is to explore the user’s mind regarding their process to find the perfect study, and translate it to designs that fit best with Studyportals.

Personal Goal

It can be a challenge to find a balance in what the user wants and what the organization wants. She wants to find a balanced way to make everyone happy in this process. Making it clear to non-UX designers that it is important to involve the users in the process is a second goal.

Favourite Activities

Next to her passion to design for the user and proclaim how valuable it is to study abroad,  she likes to make paintings, is passionate about singing and playing the clarinet… and likes a thousand of other hobbies. She’s up for trying more new activities and believes spontaneous get-togethers are the best experiences.