Mariana Serras Pereira

Job summary/responsibilities

As a product researcher, I’m focusing on understanding students’ motivation and needs in order to improve their experience with StudyPortals, and help them finding their dream program.


General introduction/background

I’m passioned about understanding human behavior, in finding and developing concrete solutions that contribute to improve people’s life.

While in Lisbon, I worked as a clinical psychologist for some years. Later on, I decided to move to The Netherlands looking for new adventures and opportunities. That is why I joined the User-System Interaction program at Eindhoven University of Technology. It was a great experience, and I learned a lot about how a clinical psychologist could work in a more applied setting.  Currently, I’m also finishing my PhD at Tilburg University. It has been a great journey!

Finally, I’m in the place where I always wanted to be! Working as product researcher in such a cool company feels like a very natural step to me, but also for sure a nice challenge.


Key challenge

Understanding students’ motivation and needs.

Identifying new targets and areas of improvement.

Deliver the best insights and ideas in order to improve students’ experience.


Personal Goal

Do my best every day, always with a smile!


Favourite activities

I love to travel!

Cooking is an all-time favourite, especially if I can share it with friends and family.