Maria Horvath

Job summary/responsibilities

I’m responsible for the business development of the Spanish Higher Education market, supporting the internationalization of public and private Universities, helping them to find the best candidates for their English taught programs.

General introduction/background

I have 14 years of experience in business development and 3 of it I was able to fulfill in the role of a company director which gave me the great opportunity to learn a lot about company management, strategic planning, coaching people and also about myself. It made me understand the importance of keep on learning long-life, as well as learning to be humble and being ready for changes that bring improvement.

Key challenge

to convert ‘dry’, purely business driven sales to a mutually beneficial partnership, where both parties invest and earn.

Personal Goal

My goal is to listen to my clients, to understand their needs, to consult their future plans for internationalization, to give them support in strategic business planning, to coach them to reach success together, in one sentence: to create a valuable partnership that is jointly beneficial, profitable and efficient and works on the long-run.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

My first days of work were not in the office, but at the two-days summer event, where I got immediately in the depth of “serious about fun”

Favourite activities

I learned psychology, so I like reading books, articles, watching videos related to this filed of study. I cannot live without music and travelling. Hungarian cuisine is the best, I’m a big fan of cooking. And I like football, mostly live.