‘What goes around, comes back around. Always!’


Madalina Cristea

Job summary/responsibilities

As a Student Counsellor, Mădălina is guiding and supporting international students through the process of application – that includes answering their questions, clarifying possible doubts that arise during the application process, validating required documentation and processing student’s applications.

General introduction/background

Mădălina is a people’s person, focused on the soft skills, an energetic and open-minded individual. She has the Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Public Relations, and she’s currently studying her Master’s Degree, Latin-American Studies, in English and Spanish, in Bucharest, Romania. She believes travelling the world gives you a better perspective of the reality, therefore, she is passionate about meeting and understanding people from different cultures. She visited most of Europe and had the chance of living in the United States and Cuba, where she spent five months, studying at the Universidad de la Habana.

Key challenge

Her main purpose is increasing the cultural diversity in the universities around the world so the process of acknowledging and accepting cultural differences can start for each individual. She believes this process is necessary in the 21st century, the era of globalization.

Personal Goal:

Winning a Nobel Price for peace, in between cultures.

Favourite activities

dancing, singing, acting