Luke Hamilton

General introduction/background

Luke joined Studyportals in May 2019 after two years working in vocational education at Pearson. Luke is an advocate for study across all pathways in Higher Education and hopes to contribute to the continued growth of technical study in the UK and Ireland. During his career Luke has developed an interest in data and how to measure the impact of his work, this has resulted in a focus on efficacy and an evidence-based approach to solutions. Having previously lived and worked in England for most of his career he recently moved to Co Antrim, Northern Ireland and is enjoying life in his new surroundings – and adapting to the rain!

Favourite activities

Luke has worked as a volunteer youth worker for over 8 years and he thanks all the youth for keeping him so grounded! His summers are spent camping in fields or dressed up in costumes, when he finally has a chance to escape, he heads to his favourite spa.