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Louise Berglund

Job summary

During her internship, Louise is primarily working on her Master Thesis in to help StudyPortals find new ways to keep students engaged. Due to her background as a former Board Member of the student organization ESTIEM, she is also assisting the community team with student partnerships.

General Introduction

Louise is currently in her last year of studying Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH in Stockholm. During her studies Louise has combined management courses with her technical specialization in Energy Systems and Sustainable Development, in the future she hopes to combine the two areas and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Louise has various international experience, she studied one semester at the Technical University of Munich and she has been highly involved in the European student organization ESTIEM. Apart from speaking Swedish and English, Louise also speak some French and German, she hopes to add Dutch to the list in the future.

One of her passions is cooking and experimenting with new ingredients and improving recipes is one of her favorite free time activities. Behind this trait lies curiosity, drive to always learn more and face new challenges.   

Key challenge

With her Master Thesis she will focus on how to increase the engagement of students in order to ensure long term and sustainable relationships.


Favorite StudyPortals element/experience

The friendly and welcoming atmosphere, everyone is always glad to help you. In 2012 Louise first came across StudyPortals at an ESTIEM event and almost 5 years later one of the representatives would help her arrange her Master thesis with the company. 

Favorite Activities

Cooking, Travel, Sports, Learning