Livia Fichios

Job summary/responsibilities:

Livia started working for Studyportals in July 2015, as Data Processing Specialist. Her main responsibilities include searching and collecting online information, inserting and updating (Programmes & Universities information).


General introduction/background:

She studied Social Assistance at Transilvania University from Brasov. Her work experience begins a few years ago when Livia took the job of Sales Assistant for a telecommunication company. She says that working with clients can be difficult sometimes, but at the same time useful, because it improves one’s communication and relationship skills.


Favourite StudyPortals element/experience:

Livia enjoys working at Studyportals because here she found an enthusiastic, young and relaxed team from which she is learning new things every day.


Favourite activities:

In her free time, Livia enjoys spending time in the kitchen, experimenting new dishes and trying out new recipes. If she is not in the kitchen, then you can find her on the balcony, taking care of all her plants.