Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Henry Ford


Katerina Rogova

I joined the StudyPortals in March 2015, being the latest addition to the BNE Team I will focus of expanding our network in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Iceland and Israel.

I was born in St Petersburg in Russia. Historically it’s a city with many European influences. I decided to follow I decided to follow in the footsteps of Peter the Great. He travelled incognito to Europe on an 18-month journey and ended up in the Netherlands. He learned much about life in Western Europe and studied shipbuilding in Amsterdam.I also went to the Netherlands. Not to study shipbuilding, but to study branding. I too learned much about life in Western Europe but also noticed a huge gap in cultural understanding between Europe and Russia, even though St. Petersburg is only a two-hour flight from Amsterdam. But I soon learned that there is no single standard, no single point of view. Each culture is different and this diversity is what makes the world interesting. I tell people to stop hiding behind prejudices and, instead, celebrate our differences. We are different but if you look closer, we all want the same. Trust me, I studied psychology.

Favourite activities

I love travelling and exploring new destinations. I never go to the same place twice, with the exceptions of Rome, Paris, Stockholm and Helsinki. I like to share my experiences and tips on the hidden local attractions. To any great breakfast I will prefer coffee in the airport.