It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what really matters is how many times you stand up, shake it off, and move forward

Julie Ann Goodfellow

Julie is born and raised in the “Pearl of the Orient Seas” – The Philippines but has been living in the Netherlands for more than 5 years now. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in the Philippines focusing on the Asian market, she moved to the Netherlands to continue her career in Business and finished her second Bachelor studies in Economics and Business Economics in the Utrecht University in September 2014.

Moreover, she did a one-year Selective minor in Strategic Management in LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome, Italy where she learned more about the Italian student life.

She was also a former Committee member of the Utrecht University Careers Day 2014 where she gained vital experience in Organizing events, Sales and Acquisitions. Her enthusiasm and perseverance pushed her to work in a dynamic and multicultural environment where she shown her greatest potential in building business in new market areas with her last employment in a recruitment industry.

Education has always been her breathing, she is a Student Ambassador and acting Chairman of the Stichting Goodfellow where currently supporting excellent female students to finish their Bachelor studies in the Philippines. More information:

At the moment, she is awesomely making the world a little better by joining the StudyPortals University Value – UKIB Team.

Key Challenge

Efficiently and effectively reach out to Universities and Institutes to join Study Portal’s mission to make the study choice for academic courses transparent.