“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand, most people listen with the intent to reply.” –¬†Stephen R. Covey

Joep van der Heijden

Job summary
In my first year for StudyPortals I only had tasks on the debit side of the invoices: collecting invoice information, creating the invoices and following up on outstanding invoices. Besides that I helped the Client Success team with some administrative issues. Later, this expanded to more tasks on the credit side as well.

General introduction
My name is Joep van der Heijden, 21 years old and I come from a small town called Son, which is close to Eindhoven. I am an International Business Administration student at Tilburg University and as part of this study I have also studied at Peking University for half a year. I have owned two small companies and in my free time I play and watch a lot of football. I have also been a football trainer/coach for 9 years now.

Key challenge
Contributing to the success of StudyPortals and improving myself as a person.

Favourite StudyPortals experience
The lunch is definitely my favorite part of the day. StudyPortals always takes care of an amazing lunch and there is a great atmosphere. Talking with so many smart people from different cultures is something I really enjoy. After lunch we always play some table tennis and this is another great point.