Jeroen Bastiaansen

Job summary/responsibilities

Jeroen is currently working within Studyportals innovation team, creating fast and scalable ways for higher education institutions to grow in terms of their student body quantity and quality

Being the intermediate between our technical product innovation team and the commercial teams, his focus is on business development, growth & innovation strategies

General introduction/background

Jeroen Bastiaansen is a public speaker, entrepreneur and innovator. Honing a deep passion for education, travelling and culture, he is listing under his professional achievements working for the Dutch Royal Airforce and the Dutch Embassy in Yemen in research and systems innovation.

Educational wise Jeroen completed a Bachelor in business and IT engineering as well as a Masters in organisation studies.

With over 10 years of experience in the travel and education industry, Jeroen has collaborated with many industry bodies and assisted several companies to develop a successful innovative international strategy.

Key challenge

Develop something that does not exists yet but which is 10x better than anything out there.

Personal Goal

Genuinely touch other people’s lives through hacks, experiments and kindness.

Favourite activities

In his free time, he loves travelling to countries who are known to be difficult to visit, for personal development and different projects or enjoying life on his favourite boats (like the Sea Ray 270 Sundancer).