Don’t worry, be happy

Jan Manders

Job summary/responsibilities

Analysing the user behaviour on the study portals website and using the results to improve Studyportals every day.

General introduction/background

I grew up in a village nearby Eindhoven, so I have basically been around here most of my life, and I am still enjoying the city where I started my study, Industrial Engineering, a few years ago. During my study at Eindhoven University of Technology I learned a lot about optimization and statistics, some courses combined this with the power of the computer. Those courses were my favourites, so when I heard about Data Science, the ultimate combination of statistics and computers, I decided to enrol at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in Den Bosch. Finished my pre-master in January (2018) and will be starting the master in September. In the meanwhile, I am enjoying my job at Studyportals and learning a lot of useful and study related stuff!

Key challenge

Learning a lot, every day.

Favourite activities

Riding my motorcycle, climbing outdoors, mountain biking