If you can dream it, you can do it.

Jan-Hein Boll

Job Summary

Jan-Hein is leading the super motivated Community & Intelligence team & building a very appealing global brand with an aim to attract new users and clients and form long-lasting relationships.

General Introduction

Jan-Hein holds a Bachelors’ degree in Industrial Engineering & Management Science at the University of Technology Eindhoven and a Masters’ degree (cum laude) in Management from Nyenrode Business University where he graduated on the topic of serial entrepreneurship. After that, he decided to study abroad and obtained an Executive MBA degree with study experiences from South-Africa and the United States. He graduated on the topic of Design Thinking as a customer centric approach towards experience marketing in the field of education. Recently, Jan-Hein received a certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Stanford University Graduate School of Business (USA).

At the age of 16 he founded a Dutch web- and marketing agency that developed in the upcoming years to a 30 FTE fast growing company. A couple of years ago this company joined forces with an IT company so the portfolio could be lifted to a higher level. At a part-time basis, he also teaches at a Dutch business school and is the responsible program director for their marketing innovation curriculum. He loves to inspire young people.

Key Challenge

In his team he has two import aims. One: attracting students from all over the world to our portals, to help them in their search for their dream study programme. This year he will grow our users with 50%. Two: he makes sure universities and language schools want to work with StudyPortals to recruit international students, which will result in new business growth.

Personal Goal

Jan-Hein loves to strengthen entrepreneurship, innovation and customer centricity within StudyPortals through working at the intersection of brand marketing, design & technology. His goal is to be both creative and disruptive.

Favorite Activities

Technology | Travel | Fitness | Photography | Start-up Ventures