Inèz Deckers

Inèz has joined Studyportals in July 2015 and the Asia Pacific team doubled in size with her joining StudyPortals in Melbourne, Australia.

After studying Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology for about 6 months, Inèz decided to change to a Bachelor in Human Resources, for which she did a research project at an environmental organisation in New Zealand. She has worked in Human Resources for about 4 years, when she wanted a change and went back into the creative field. She did a course in makeup artistry and she fell in love with the positivity and creative freedom that she found in this field. After setting up her own business and working as a freelance makeup artist for 1,5 years, she left The Netherlands to travel around Australia for about two years and enjoyed a 2-year long summer, discovering the amazing beauty Australia has to offer. Because she wasn’t ready to leave Australia yet after those two years, she decided to settle down in Melbourne.

Key Challenges

After Julian has started to create awareness about StudyPortals in the Asia Pacific region, Inèz is very excited to come on board and build on this together with Julian. She is looking forward to play a role in the expansion of StudyPortals in this region, hopefully leading to StudyPortals being the go-to portal for students researching their possibilities, and universities and schools realising they don’t want to miss out on all these potential students.

What she likes about StudyPortals

Inèz heard some great stories about StudyPortals as an organisation and is very keen to be a part of this. StudyPortals seems to be one of the few companies that actually cares about the world around them and really want their employees to feel part of the company as a whole. Also their mission (empowering the world to choose (for) education) is very admirable and it’s great that StudyPortals shows they really believe in this by supporting UNICEF’s “Schools for Africa” campaign.