“The only thing standing between me and greatness is me”

– Woody Allen

Ignacio Bernad


 A business developer to me is one who creates the demand for a growing service or product. Raises awareness and finds applications for a new technology to solve old and new problems. Some may say it’s just a fancy title for sales. But at this stage StudyPortals and our team can be much more than that…

 General introduction/background

 Just like a growing enterprise I am a work in progress, I was born in a city called Zaragoza, right between Madrid and Barcelona. Since I was little I was exposed to international interactions, during some summers I would make exchange programs with host families, I met different people who made me look at the world with different perspectives, I loved it.

 Right from the beginning I was fascinated by communication, the power of a great orator in its speech and the way people can change just by listening and learning. I made a couple of performances in the school’s theatre and even tried some comedy stand-ups, I learnt fun is definitely one of the true channels people recognize as worth, listening to and living for.

 Through high school, I chose to study the most intriguing yet almost impossible to understand subject of them all, human behaviour; social science. Then university came, I thought some of the most “significant” interactions are those which people do in order to make a living, business. Since then I haven’t change of discipline, I specialised in General Management and mastered in International Business. This allowed me to work for a big company in France and I also joined a communications agency in Mexico.

 Now I am putting my focus in something different, a start-up, something new in an international young professional ambiance. What I find most important of this is what also drives myself, passion.

Key challenge

The key challenge I face is to have the privilege of having studied and worked with people from almost all over the world. I have travelled to some beautiful countries, but the more you know, the more you are aware of what one can do. There is a great world out there! Let’s start by letting students see it! Isn’t that what education is all about?

Personal Goal

To discover and experience as much as possible, to make the world a little better by bringing unity and education among the people so we foster ourselves to higher grounds. In my professional life and regarding communication, the objective is to create an inclusive world, rather than exclusive. This is to partner and associate in a way that there’s not only a “win win” situation, the sum of the parts should result on a bigger unit than the simple addition of the two.