“Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature.”

(Cristina Yang, Grey’s Anatomy)

Georgiana Malac

Job summary/responsibilities

Georgiana is part of the Product Innovation Team and as Senior Student Counsellor, she is responsible for counseling students from all over the world, helping them making it into a university that suits their skills, interests and needs. She is also responsible for building a team of student counselors (recruiting, coaching, developing) aiming to make counseling an integrated part of Studyportals.

General introduction/background

Georgiana was raised to believe that Education is the most important investment you can make. Therefore, at 18 she decided to continue her studies abroad, graduating with a bachelor’s Degree in Combined Studies (Communication Field) and Screenwriting from the University of Worcester (UK).

After working within the University of Worcester as a Recruitment Ambassador, Georgiana decided to return to Romania and be part of one of the biggest student recruiting agencies in Eastern Europe. Counseling students for both partner and top universities around the world and helping them getting admitted to universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial or Delft has been her mission for the last 3 years. Now, she has taking the next step in her career by joining Studyportals.

Key challenge

Identifying new ways of making the student counseling process more efficient, rewarding and life-changing.

Personal Goal:

Improve higher education access worldwide. Promote equality, diversity and inclusion.

Favourite Listed Programme:

Sociology: Gender, Sexuality and Society, M.Sc. (University of Amsterdam)

Favourite activities

Travelling, travelling and oh, yeah! Travelling.