“The first duty of a man is to think for himself” – José Martí

Florina Frinculescu

Job summary/responsibilities

Florina has been working for StudyPortals in Bucharest since April 2015 as Data Processing Specialist. She is responsible for researching and collecting online information, inserting and updating (programmes & universities info).


General introduction/background

Florina joined the StudyPortals’s Data Content Management young team after working as a Copywriter for several months. She studied a BA in Anthropology at the University of Bucharest and wishes to continue her studies with a MA in Urban Anthropology.


Personal Goal

Her personal goal at StudyPortals is to contribute to the success of the team, be highly efficient together, gain experience in the field and still have fun during and after work hours. She wishes to constantly improve her skills and also develop new ones in a friendly and productive environment as well.


Favorite activities

In her spare time, Florina enjoys reading books and articles on cultural and social themes, listening to music, drawing graffiti sketches and of course, going out! She also loves participating in debates and taking pictures while exploring the urban surroundings.