”Life is like a boxing match, keep on throwing those punches and one of them will land. “ – Ken Scott

Dragos Pruna

Job summary/responsibilities:

Dragos joined the Study Portals Team in August 2015 as Data Processing Specialist in order to obtain experience in an expanding teamwork environment. The skills obtained only in his first month of work proved to be very valuable for his everyday activities.

General introduction/background:

Dragos graduated from Faculty of Geography – Territorial Planning at University of Bucharest and now he is pursuing a Master’s degree in the Geographical Information Systems at the same university.

Personal Goal:  

Dragos wants to be a happier, healthier and more peaceful person, enjoying his life.

Favourite activities:

In his free time, Dragos likes to run, to read, to play video games, to go to gym. He also practicing boxing, where he learned not only about the physical strength, but mostly about the mental one.