“Don’t Panic.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Dmitrii Orlov

Job Summary / Responsibilities

As a back-end engineer, my responsibility is to create and maintain various services behind the platform that facilitate its functionality and make sure that the relevant content is served to the users.

General Introduction / Background

Originally from Moscow, Russia, in 2015 I have travelled to Eindhoven to start my Bachelor degree in ICT & Software Engineering. Ever since my childhood I was thrilled by new challenges, adventures and knowledge. Numerous adventure books, my brother’s encouragement and my parents’ trust always motivated and fueled my curiosity. I love discovering, investigating and finding the use for new concepts, meeting and understanding new people, and exploring new places. This altogether has led to my decision to study Computer Science abroad. Having managed to find a great program in Eindhoven, I was endlessly eager to start. After completing the first year at Fontys, I have joined the excellence track allowing to follow extracurricular courses at TU/e. A year after, I was inexplicably happy to join the Studyportals team as a part time back-end engineer!

Key Challenge

Develop reliable software and back-end services, do my best when making technical decisions and continue learning new concepts and technologies to improve the skills and hence the resulting software.

Personal Goal

Having used the BachelorsPortals extensively, while exploring the possible study options myself, I wish to do my best to contribute to the quality of the platform that can help others find their lifetime adventures. From a more practical perspective, I am looking forward to gain the experience and knowledge in the craft of software making.