I don’t need to know everything, I just need to know where to find it, when I need it.

Albert Einstein


Danko Adamczyk

Danko’s interest for technics and analytical thinking came from his education as Bachelor Mechanical Engineering (Graduated in 2010). The thinking aspect draw him closer towards programming which resulted in starting his own company in 2007 developing applications and consumer websites. After several years being his own boss he came to the conclusion that he was a better programmer than a business-man. So he moved on to develop CRM/ERP software at a company near ´s Hertogenbosch. By working with multiple co-workers he grew fast looking for more exciting things to build. This is how he ended up at StudyPortals in 2013.

Key challenge

Developing better software that is structured, stable and helping people choose an education abroad. Helping them expand their knowledge and most of all personal experience.

Favorite StudyPortals element/experience

When I was looking for an education this portal did not exist.

If it existed in the time I probably chose to study abroad. I am amazed about the offer in different countries and all the possibilities. Most of all the ease of the portals bringing it all together.