“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi

Daniela Iremia

Job summary/responsibilities:

On her daily work, Daniela makes sure that universities maximize their exposure and reach international students from all around the world, by handling a good campaign implementation, monitoring and optimization, developing sustainable relationship with clients, while having a close collaboration with the University Value Managers on the different campaigns.

General introduction/background :

Daniela is Romanian and has a Bachelor degree in Management and Public Administration from the Academy of Economic Studies, in Bucharest. After finishing her education, she worked for four years in a local governmental institution, in the economics department.

Willing to develop herself and continuously learning new things, this year she decided to make some changes for her career, thus she thinks that coming to StudyPortals was a good decision.

Key challenge:

Daniela’s key challenge is to enable students to find the study programmes and the universities that would best fit their objectives and personalities, as well as the international experience that would help them evolve and learn the most.

Personal Goal :

She thinks that education is the most important element that makes the difference between people nowadays in such a dynamic world. So, that is the main reason why Daniela set as a personal goal to develop in a personal and professional way together with StudyPortals, to manage to deliver ambitious results with the team and to help students and universities promote education in the world.

Favourite activities:

Travelling became a passion since first time she crossed outside Romania’s borders. Daniela enjoys seing new places, meeting new people and discovering the differences and similarities with other cultures.