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Danai Bouri

Danai joined the Client Services team in June 2013. She is responsible for campaign implementation and analysis. This requires a close focus and dedication to the needs of each campaign from the initiation phase till the final result.

She holds a bachelor in Business Administration and Management from Athens University of Economics and Business and a master in Management of Innovation from Rotterdam School of Management. After acquiring these long titles, she came to Eindhoven for her internship and felt just like home (ok, besides the weather..).

Key challenge

The success factor for an optimal result is truly understanding the client. Her key challenge is to achieve this understanding by developing a long-term relationship and open communication with them.

Favorite studyportals experience

Her first client email with a happy smiley – really made her day.

Favorite activities

Reading tons of books, writing, painting, cooking and dancing. Enjoying the farm work when being back home. But most importantly giving a youthful approach to the activity of finding a nice spot and watching the passers-by.