‘Fear is stupid, so are regrets.’ – Marilyn Monroe

Cristiana Florea

Job summary/responsibilities:

Cristiana has been working for StudyPortals in Bucharest since September 2015 as Data Processing Specialist. She is responsible for researching and collecting online information, inserting and updating (programmes & universities info)


General introduction/background:

Cristiana joined the Study Portals` Data Content Management team after working at Vodafone for 2 years. She studied Advertising at SNSPA and now she is studying towards a master degree in ‘Audio-video production’.


Personal Goal:

Her personal goal at StudyPortals is to contribute to the success of the team, be highly efficient together, gain experience in the field and still have fun during and after the work hours.


Favourite activities:

In her spare time Cristiana enjoys indoor activities such as reading or cooking. She also likes traveling and taking pictures of odd places.