Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Neale Donald Walsch


Claudia Zambrano

General introduction

I am from Mexico and I have a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design. After I did my internship in Internal Communication in one of the most important companies in Mexico, my professional career took off in a very positive way and that was when I found my second passion besides design and I decided to follow that path. I worked and grew professionally in the Internal and Marketing Communications position which also gave me the opportunity to develop many other skills like event management and customer service satisfaction.In 2012 I arrived to the Netherlands facing a very exciting phase in my personal life, since then I have been enjoying and learning of all the new challenges and opportunities that life has put in front of me.

Personal Goal

To grow in a personal and professional way together with StudyPortals, delivering good results as a team and helping students and universities promoting education in the world.

Favorite StudyPortals Experience

Since the first day, I perceived a very good vibe, very friendly and positive energy. There is a strong sense of hard work ethic and fun as well.

Favorite Activities

I love to travel and eat great food, I also enjoy simple things like a BBQ on a warm sunny day or a relaxing Sunday watching movies.