‘The worst crime is faking it.’

Kurt Cobain

Catalin Ghercioiu

Job summary/responsibilities:

Catalin has been working for StudyPortals from May 2015 as a Data Processing Specialist and he is responsible with the information research and with the update of the programmes and universities description. In March 2016, he became one of the Data Team Leaders and also supported the UV team with various tasks. From 1st of November 2017, he is Student Data Reviewer, bringing further value to the information published on our portals.

General introduction/background

 He had a few jobs concerning customer support and direct sales after graduating from the Medieval Studies Master programme at the University of Bucharest.

Personal Goal

His personal goal at StudyPortals is completing the tasks assigned to him in a fast, accurate and professional manner and also supporting the team 100%.

Favorite activities

Reading (history, Joyce and poetry), going to concerts, sleeping, talking to people, taking long walks alone, watching movies alone and with others, zen buddhsim, Robert Anton Wilson and dada.