“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.”

– Bill Gates

Bilger Yahov


Bilger was warmly welcomed at StudyPortals in mid-January 2016. Being a part-time web engineer he applies his knowledge on the development process of StudyPortals’ projects.

General introduction/background

Bilger is a second-year excellent student at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. He is doing his studies in the field of ICT and Software Engineering.

Born and raised in a family of teachers, from an early age Bilger is aware of how important the education is. To get international experience he decides to study abroad (he is originally from Bulgaria) and the Netherlands suits his interests the best.

During the first year of his studies, without any fear of getting his hands dirty, Bilger starts working at a restaurant as a dishwasher. He successfully manages to combine work and school at the same time, furthermore, he got chosen for the best ICT student at Fontys!

After having started his second year at the university, Bilger decides that it’s time to start applying his Software Engineering knowledge at a solid company. That’s how he ends up at StudyPortals. Having a grandfather – teacher, both parents – teachers and him working at a company that changes lives of million students is undoubtedly a good line in the family tree (in the meantime he works as a student assistant at the university as well).

Key challenge

Developing smart and useful software, and doing so changing lives of million students!

Personal goal

Bilger’s personal goal is to be better than yesterday, no matter in what. He thinks that software engineering is just a tool for developing a person’s mind. Being a good person, thinking in a positive way and helping people grow – that’s what he strives for!