Ankita Dhyani

General summary

Ankita is a visually driven person. Always trying to make information simple to read and easy to understand. She got married and moved to Netherlands from India in 2015. She joined StudyPortals to add another nation to the list of 28 nationalities working together to make our world a little bit better. She helps students and universities come closer by converting StudyPortals enormous data into beautiful visuals.

Be it infographics for helping students in taking more informed decision while planning their big step towards higher education, or creatives towards universities to explain how StudyPortals can help find the best students for them, she always keeps the end user in mind. In the 5 years of working as a designer, she has learned how to communicate a message in the best way possible.

When not working on visuals, she also takes part in conducting user tests, where we call students to test the latest improvement to our websites. She believes we can understand user problems and frustrations better by watching them use our website. This pushes her further in always keeping the students in mind while designing.

Favorite StudyPortals Element

StudyPortals core values have made the transition of moving to a new continent very smooth for her. She enjoys learning about so many cultures and languages.

Personal Goal

She believes in always being positive no matter what, that you if cannot fail you cannot learn, so never ever give up!