Andrew Johnson

Originally from Kansas, Andrew spent the first few years after college teaching English outside of the United States, and then when he returned, he began working with international students within the US. It has been an interesting transition to go from Higher Ed to Sales, but the transition was very smooth and Studyportals has a great mission that coincides very well with university missions.

Favourite Studyportals Experience

Andrew’s favourite Studyportals experience was his first few days on the job which also happened to be the NAFSA conference. Having just opened the Boston office a few of the team were just as green. They studied long and hard about the company and Andrew thinks they did a pretty good job promoting it to others.

Favourite Activities

Andrew’s favorite activities are biking, playing softball, playing soccer and trivia. Interesting fact: He once (thrice actually) appeared on a Korean trivia show. He won three matches together with his partner and then they cancelled the entire program. Seems like they saved the best for last.