Andra Ghiorghita

Job summary/responsibilities

Andra believes that being a student counsellor means understanding the needs of a student and help him/her have access to the most suitable educational opportunities. As a counsellor, Andra’s sensitive to the student’s academic and personal background so that she can establish a connection and help the student move further with their study process. Andra is guiding the students to understand the application process and to help them gain a perspective on different educational systems around the world. Therefore, Andra feels that being a student counsellor is more like being a friend and an educational expert at the same time, while helping many students reach out their academic goals.

General introduction/background

Andra is a people oriented individual, passionate about working with students from multicultural environments. She graduated from an MSc in Clinical Psychology from Utrecht University in the Netherlands and the psychotherapy work she has been doing made her highly skilled in dealing with both personal and professional crises. She is also an AIESEC alumnus and worked for 2 months in Indonesia, running a team of international students. She aligns with Studyportals values as she too believes that cross-cultural experiences will shape our world in just a few years.

Key challenge

Her main purpose is to work towards the Quality Education Sustainable Development Goal set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. As an individual, she wants her work to help ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for everyone and promote lifelong learning opportunities.

Personal Goal

Andra believes that through education we can shape a better world, therefore, creating educational opportunities for each and every student regardless of his/hers academic or personal background is one of her top professional priorities.

Favourite activities

Besides enjoying the company of her friends, Andra loves traveling and discovering new cultures. Moreover, reading and spending time by herself are priorities in her free time.