‘Impossible only means that you haven’t found the solution yet’

Ana-Maria Brighilă

Job summary/responsibilities:

Ana-Maria joined StudyPortals in April 2015. She is a new member of the content management center of StudyPortals, in Bucharest, Romania. The team has quickly made her feel like home, so now she uses her technical skills to enter, analyze and utilize data in a friendly environment that can make anyone yellow.

General introduction/background:

Ana’s academic background consists in a BA in Communication and Public Relations, at the National School of Politics and Public Administration. She is currently thinking to continue her studies with a MS in Media Studies and Advertising because she enjoys all creative ads. Previously, she worked for RCS-RDS Romania, as a Sales Agent and Promoter.

Key challenge:

Her main challenge is to assure that everything she inserts in the StudyPortals database is efficient and has quality information, but also keeping the communication with others at the highest levels.

Favourite activities:

When she is not inserting data content, she engages in teaching others how to juggle and that’s why she made a lot of friends. She loves hiking and loud music festivals and travelling being the most enjoyable thing. She has a lot of creativity and she is thinking to set-up a website for hand-made objects.