Alexandru Pop

Job summary/responsibilities

Alex started working for Studyportals as a Data Entry Specialist in early 2014. He jumped at the opportunity to advance to an editor position, as this was a chance to pursue his dream of writing better web content, in order to reach a large international audience. His love for the English language, together with lots of practice and determination, are the recipe he uses to help students find the data they needed to make informed choices for their future education. 

After intensive months of self-improvement, Alex now manages an editorial team that makes sure all written content on Studyportals is structured, accurate, and up to date. He and his team write and publish useful articles for international students, while keeping in touch with their diverse interests. Alex has a trained eye for spotting and correcting writing errors, ensuring that his message is always informative, easy to read and to the point. He also participates in developing strategies that ensure students get access to the world of study opportunities opened by Studyportals.

Mixing fresh ideas with thorough research, Alex draws great satisfaction from the creative process of writing good web content and tries to learn something new from every new text he writes. He is a firm believer that change can happen only through self-knowledge and tries to do his part in making education more available everywhere in the world.

General Background

Alex started his higher education following his passion for humanities, thanks to his innate interest in human behaviour, thinking and culture. While pursuing a B.A. in Philosophy, he fell in love with the works of C.G. Jung and after graduating, he enrolled in a training programme in Analytic Psychotherapy.

Side projects such as translating stories, children’s books and a book on psychotherapy, coupled with keeping a personal blog and writing online reviews shaped his initial writing experience.

Alex worked as a volunteer offering emotional assistance to children through free play therapy – an experience that had a great impact on his personal development.

His experience has taught him that the soul needs just as much nurturing as the mind, and is a firm believer in the human quest for finding personal meaning to one’s own life.  

Personal goals

Alex’s goal it’s not to change the world, but he’d rather just love to assist people in becoming more aware of their inner potential. He plans, someday, to practice psychotherapy and to write one good work of fiction.

Favourite activities

Alex enjoys quality time with close friends and a meaningful heartfelt conversation. Being a child at heart, you can be sure he will never turn down a good board game and will know quite a few things about all kinds of animated shows. He loves mythology, history, and a well-told story. He also engages in creative activities such as drawing, clay modelling and painting miniatures. He’ll even write you a poem if you ask really nice.