“Everything was impossible until someone did it.”

Ainhoa Lafuente

Job summary/ responsibilties:

To improve web features and also develop new ones. Mostly working on backend development but also get some small things at frontend done. Improve loading timings and accessibility for students in order to gain a better experience with StudyPortals.

General introduction/ backgrounds:

I studied industrial electronic engineer bachelor and did a Master on Embedded Systems. I realised I was more motivated when it came to IT related issues than to electronic stuff, so when I had the opportunity in my first job to start messing with data bases and web services I didn’t doubt it and I jumped into it. I come from the telecommunication sector, in which I worked as an electronic engineer and later as a backend developer.

Key challenge:

To improve my knowledge about all related to backend and IT in general and to build cool stuff.

Personal goal:

To have a great experiences in both, StudyPortals and The Netherlands. As well as gain in personal growth in as many ways as possible. Also, I would take the opportunity to improve my English and learn a little bit of Dutch. I have no idea for how much time I will be here, but for sure I am going to make it to be memorable!

Favorite StudyPortals element:

My favorite StudyPortals element is the usage of the new technologies for making a better world and not only for own benefit. Making things easier for young students that would like to try the experience of studying abroad would result in a society where people would be more open minded and so humanity would be more concerned about the rest. It is really regarding to dedicate your time to companies like StudyPortals.