Ahmet Acar

Job Summary

As a Finance Support my main responsibility is taking care of accounts payable. Besides that I also manage other financial tasks. In the future I will also be working on accounts receivable.  

General introduction

My name is Ahmet Acar, I am 24 years old and live in Eindhoven. I studied Accountancy at Fontys and worked part-time for 2 years in an administration office. I like reading books in my free time and of course like to have fun with my friends and family.

Key Challenge

I want to keep developing myself, not just in my knowledge in finance but also myself as a person. By challenging myself to grow I will also help to grow Studyportals.

Favorite Studyportals element

I really like the open minded attitude of Studyportals. Everyone is trying to do their best to achieve a common goal while also not forgetting to have fun and make the working experience great.